Out of Body Experience

About two and a half years ago I had an awesome out of body experience (OBE) that I would like to share with you. It was very impressive to fly around without my body!

It was in summer and I was staying with my family for a month. It’s a farm there, with a lake a few hundred meters away from the house.

One late night, right before going to sleep, I was lying on my bed to relax a bit. I was very tired and fell into a state of half-sleep or very deep relaxation. Suddenly, I felt slowly pulled out of my body. I totally didn’t understand what was going on! It was very strange to feel myself separating slowly from my body. It’s a weird sensation.

Then I saw myself from above lying on the bed with closed eyes. I wondered what happened to me. For some reason I thought about going outside, and whoop! I immediately passed through the (closed) door and was outside!

I was floating about two or three meters above the ground and could move just by thinking of where I wanted to go to. It was great not to have any weight! So I decided to go to the lake. Since I had arrived at the farm I hadn’t found the time to go and see it, and I love this lake. So, why not now, I thought.

I followed the path to the lake, down to the river through the trees, across the river, up on the other side, over a meadow… always floating. I saw a wild pig (there are lots of them there) and an owl, everything was as it would really be. It was very realistic. The pig and owl didn’t seem to notice me, I wondered if they could feel me.

When I arrived to the lake, I was very surprised: a hedge between two hayfields, which had always been there since I can remember, was missing! Everything else was exactly like it really was, but this one hedge was just missing.

That scared me a little. It just wasn’t normal. “What the fuck is going on here!” I wondered. Suddenly I thought I should not go too far, or I could lose the connection to my body and never be able to reintegrate it! The idea I could remain bodyless and live the rest of my life in this abstract form made me feel very uncomfortable. I thought it would be just terrible to see everything without being able to interact with the world. I also didn’t like the idea that my body was lying somewhere all alone and vulnerable. “What if something happens to it while I’m away?” I feared.

So I decided to go back. It still was a very pleasant feeling to float around just by thinking of it. As I arrived to the trees near the river, I asked myself “Why should I follow the path, if I can fly I’ll just jump over the trees!” and whoop, I jumped over the trees. It was fun!

I went through the closed door again and saw myself still lying on the bed with closed eyes. I didn’t know how to reintegrate my body properly, so I just went into it, tried to fill it entirely and then kept very quiet without moving, listening to my heartbeats and hoping it would work somehow. After a long, long time, I carefully tried to move a few toes, then my fingers, then my face… it was ok, I was back in. I got up and walked around a little, happy to feel my weight again.

All this isn’t that extraordinary so far, it could be possible that I imagined the whole thing. After all I know the way to the lake very well. But the really amazing thing is that a few days later, I went to the lake again, this time together with my physical body and my mother. And the hedge was missing.

It really was missing! Everything was exactly the way I saw it while flying around. “Where’s the hedge?!” I almost screamed. “Oh, your uncle cut it off in spring, to make one large meadow from the two little ones” my mother said.

So, I’m convinced I really was there that night, and I really was flying around without my body. If I had imagined the whole trip to the lake, in such a realistic way, I would have included the hedge. Why would I have chosen to leave it out? I had never seen the lake without it and didn’t know it wasn’t there anymore. And if my subconscious had decided to just twist one detail, why exactly the one detail that turned out to actually have changed in reality? The probability for such a coincidence happening is so low that it’s more likely that I really had an OBE.

It was a really cool experience! :-)

Now I regret a bit that I didn’t play around more. I could have done many fun things, like going through more doors, jumping over houses, observing sleeping people or playing Santa Claus in the chimney.

For some reason I never tried to leave my body again though. I don’t know why exactly, maybe because I have no clue how I did it in the first place. It just happened and wasn’t intentional. I wouldn’t know how to do it again.

What I know is that the summer when it happened I was doing a lot of energy work, often and regularly, and I think this might have played a crucial role. What I was doing was:

  • kinesiology exercises three times a day every day, with
  • additional EFT when needed, followed by
  • meditation three times a day, plus
  • chakra cleansing every day.

In case having an OBE is a goal of yours, maybe practicing the above would be a possible starting point. I’m sorry I cannot give you any other advice!

One’s for sure, if being dead feels like that, we really have no reason to fear death. :-)

I wish you a wonderful day!

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