Choose Your Beliefs Wisely

Your belief system has a crucial impact on your life. Fortunately, you are in control of it. What kinds of beliefs do you let into your head, and how do you know they are right for you?

Your beliefs determine the reality you live in.

Some people (including me) think that our beliefs literally create our reality, on an energetic level. Beliefs are energy. When you send out energy into the Universe in the form of beliefs, you attract energies around you that resonate with your own vibration. It’s like when two waves adjust to each other when they are in contact. Everything in your life, be it people, situations, or objects, is energy, and all of it is in your life because it is in alignment with your own energy.

Even if you don’t subscribe to this worldview, the fact remains that the reality you perceive is highly dependent on your beliefs. For example, it’s a classical thing that when we are in a good mood, we tend to see all the positive things around us, and ignore the negative ones. When we are in a bad mood, we tend to oversee the good things and notice what sucks. We are permanently filtering the information that reaches our brain, and tend to let only what fits our current beliefs about the world reach our consciousness. I even read a fascinating article about brain research once, explaining that our brain fills in information that is missing – and even corrects the information it gets when this information does not seem to make sense.

Last but not least, what you believe directly affects your reality, because it directly influences the way you behave! And the way you behave has consequences on events and other people’s reactions. If you believe that people are friendly and trustworthy, you will interact with them in a nice and confident way, which in turn is likely to make them feel like treating you well. If on the contrary you believe that the world is crowded with stupid jerks, you won’t treat others very well, and probably won’t get very positive feedback either.

No matter what the explanation for it is, it all boils down to the fact that we get what we believe.

You are free to choose your beliefs.

The good news is that beliefs are a choice. They may appear as something immutable and absolutely true – but that’s not the case. After all, you learned your beliefs from your parents, your teachers, your friends, the media… If you were born in a different country, at a different time in history, or even in a different family, your beliefs would be completely different. So if beliefs are such a random thing anyway, this means that you can choose to believe whatever you want.

Pick beliefs that truly serve you.

Since your beliefs have such a huge impact on your life, and since you are free to choose them, why not pick beliefs that bring you the best results? That’s what I do. I consciously choose beliefs that are positive and aligned with my goals. When I find a belief that sabotages me, I throw it out. I aim to fill my head with empowering, loving, abundant, healthy, and effective beliefs. The kind that helps me to reach my goals and brings me the highest level of satisfaction, fulfillment, achievement and happiness.

Some time ago I was talking about this with my friend Ken. He asked if that is not a “the end justifies the means”-attitude.

Well, in some way, yes. What matters to me are the results. I know what I want, and I see my beliefs as a tool to get there. Some people are very attached to believing only “true” things. It’s almost as if they were afraid of being ridiculed forever if they happened to believe something “wrong”. What’s so scary about picking a belief without knowing if there is some objective Truth to corroborate it?

What I see is that every time I upgrade my beliefs, I do better. I feel better, I am happier, reaching my goals becomes easier, and the whole world is nicer. In my life I went from living in a horrible world to living in a wonderful world, just because of the power of my beliefs. That is what matters to me. Not being right.

Maybe that’s because I believe there is no objective right and wrong, true and false anyway.

Find your own truth.

Even though I intentionally pick beliefs that serve me, I don’t just pick any belief that looks like it would yield good results. It’s more a matter of intuition. Some beliefs just resonate with me very deeply. When I think them, I feel some kind of excited knowing go through my body. Everything in me screams “Yes! This is true!” – or maybe more something like “Yes! I like that!”. So I adopt these beliefs because they feel right to me. They just happen to also be the ones that lead to success!

With other beliefs, when I think them, I feel… nothing. And then I know this is just not for me. Doesn’t mean it’s not true or valuable – it’s just not appropriate for me at this time.

I remember how I became spiritual. I was raised as a radical atheist in a very anti-religious and anti-spiritual environment. As a young adult I read the Bible, the Koran, did some research about Taoism… but all this just did not resonate with me. Then some day, I read I don’t even remember where the sentence “You are a spiritual Being incarnated on Earth to grow and learn…”. When I read this, I immediately knew it was true for me! I just knew it deep down in my gut, it was so clear. It made me feel extremely happy.

So maybe choosing beliefs that serve us is not so much about arbitrarily picking beliefs that our rational mind thinks would be practical – it’s more about finding the beliefs that we intuitively recognize as our truth, the truth that expresses who we are at our deepest core, and that is aligned with our soul’s highest path and purpose.

Giving ourselves permission to freely choose our beliefs simply enables us to tap into our own inner wisdom. The beliefs we find there are authentic. That’s why they are the ones that yield the best results. Everything is so much easier when we express what we truly are, and align with our soul’s highest path and purpose!

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5 Responses to Choose Your Beliefs Wisely

  • Andrew Gubb says:

    I like this sort of post :D It’s good to consider that reality isn’t as real as all that… definitely something I could do more :)

    Hope you’re doing well my darling Rose, wherever you are (are you going to come to Bilbao now or what?)



  • “Find your own truth.” is the best description of this post! No one can choose your beliefs for your best, they all will do for their best so be wise and choose by yourself :)

  • @Andrew: Bilbao? Where is that? :þ
    Reality is very real – especially when something heavy falls on my toe. Maybe it’s just differently real for everybody? We are such powerful creators! :D

    @Michael: I agree, nobody can know better than you what is good for you! :-) Too often we listen to what others believe about and for us. WTF. >:-)

  • Chris Niedt says:

    I’m Always wary about beliefs that determine your reality, and think that thoughts that make you”attract” things are dangerous. My life has been one “negative” hurdle over the other which has made me somehow choose that of the “Frequent Anxiety Mad Man Worrier”. Now I am not a mad man worrier in the outside world….the Anxious worrier is within and my demeanor is opposite on the outside. When I reveal my worries and anxieties to people, they are surprised because I am so calm and compassionate on the outside…that is what I strive to be.

    The way of Peace and nonviolence,


    • Hi Chris,

      Does keeping all this anxiety hidden inside you make you happy? You can choose to let go of it, if you want that. You can be truly peaceful, outside AND inside. :)

      If you would like that, I’m inviting you into a personal session with me. I’m sure we can do something about these worries and heal the outside/inside separation, so that you can openly shine your authentic self in the world.



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