Unable to Hear your Intuition?

As an intuitive, I get questions about intuitive development. People ask me how they can learn to talk to their higher self, or to their spirit guides, or they share with me their concerns about, for example, not being able to hear their intuition.

There’s a good reason I am doing this kind of work. Psychic development is a totally fascinating topic. However, I don’t feel called to teach it. I’m a healer and I specialize in helping people with their human relationships.

So I have decided to share some really good resources about intuitive development in this post and a few more – and then just refer to them. :p

Question: I can’t hear my intuition!

Reply: You can hear your intuition. You just don’t realize it yet.

Intuition is information that comes from your higher self and spirit guides. You have a higher self and some spirit guides, and I bet my ass that they are trying to communicate with you. When I talk to other people’s spirit guides, they are usually very happy not to be ignored anymore. Therefore, you do have intuition.

What makes it difficult to recognize your intuition is that it comes through at random times in various unstructured ways that you might not be used to identifying. But it does come through to you. You probably just don’t realize what it is when it happens because it isn’t what you were expecting. Or you don’t notice because you weren’t paying attention.

Present Moment Awareness

Present moment awarenss is key. Intuition can only reach you when you are being present in the here and now and paying attention. Your guides and higher self can only communicate with you now, not in the past, the future, a hypothetic world or wherever your mind might be roaming around.

If you have an overbearing mind that constantly brings you back into the past, makes you speculate about the future, evaluates theories and assumptions, and thinks and talks and thinks and talks… you might want to practice maintaining present moment awareness. Regular meditation can also help.

Different Channels

Intuition can come to you through different channels. You could be seeing images in your mind’s eye, having irrational gut feelings, or ideas just popping into your mind, hearing voices or thoughts in your head, or suddenly having random words in your head or strange sensations in your body.

Are you more of a visual person, or more of an auditive, verbal, kinesthetic, thinking, or feeling person? The way your imagination works can give you an idea of the way your intuition works. Your strongest psychic ability, in case you know which one that is, also gives you a cue.

Depending on your strengths, you will receive intuitive nudges via different channels. For example, my strongest psychic modality is claircognizance, meaning that I “just know” things. I get ideas in my head, without thinking and often without them being expressed with words.  A few days ago, I suddenly “had the idea” to go to a certain supermarket, and my mind figured it was to buy a new battery for my kitchen timer. I had noticed that the battery was dead, but really, buying a new one wasn’t an urgent need. Still, I “just knew” it would be a good idea to go to this supermarket. And there, I found exactly what I was looking for at the time: a big suitcase that I need in order to travel to Brazil, which was on sale there in the supermarket. Hehe, thanks, guides.

Now if I were more of a visual person maybe I would have seen the supermarket in my mind’s eye, or myself going there. Via the auditive channel, I would have “heard” the thought “hey, let’s go to this supermarket”. Alternatively, I could have felt in my legs the sensation of walking, and a pressure in my stomach, pushing me towards the door and out of the house. I often get such nudges through physical impulses. They make me act very irrationally without knowing why I do what I do. That’s fun.

Intuition has many ways to reach you and not everybody gets nudges the same way. So, keep an open mind, and pay attention.

Intuition is Subtle

As Andrea Hess says, if suddenly the sky opened and a booming voice told you what to do, that would interfere with your free will, because then… of course you would do it. ;) Intuition is very subtle. Usually it’s just a suggestion, that you can easily brush off.

Because it is so subtle, it can be overpowered by louder “noise”, such as

  • mind chatter, not being present in the now
  • fears and other negative emotions
  • numbing foods, such as animal products, refined sugar or cooked carbs
  • a need to be “in control”
  • attachment to a specific outcome or course of action

Also, intuition is guidance from your higher self and spirit guides. Your higher self IS you. As for your spirit guides, they are with you all the time, some of them since you were little. Their presence feels very familiar to you. That’s why your intuition too will often tend to feel like it’s just you thinking. Especially if intuition is one of your strengths, it will feel downright trivial to you.

When I started developing my intuition, I was expecting it to be something other, different, strange, foreign to me… and I was awaiting some amazing revelations. I was very disappointed when I realized my intuition had always been with me already, and that it is often about everyday choices and mundane things (like a suitcase on sale).

Third Eye Block

It can happen that people have soul-level blocks that affect their third eye chakra, which limits access to their intuition. I compare this to walking around blind. If you had a reading with me or with any other Soul Realignment practitioner, this cannot be an issue anymore, though.

Ignite your Intuition

I highly recommend Andrea’s course Ignite your Intuition. I took it back then as a six weeks class. Now she’s offering it as a product, which I am very happy about. It is excellent.

It will teach you

  • what intuition is
  • how to recognize it: six characteristic traits of intuition vs. what comes from your mind
  • how to hear it in the midst of your daily life
  • how to ask for, receive and interpret intuitive information
  • and how to use it in a practical way in order to reach your goals.

Andrea has a grounded, action-oriented approach that I like very much. She will teach you not only to become more intuitive, but also to apply your knowledge to your life in order to get tangible results. Check it out!

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  • Eduardo says:

    Wow, good article Rosine!
    Very good insights on it :)
    And I can tell by experience that meditation really help on that case. Helped me a lot to quiet my mind.

    Love <3

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