Is the Way You Pee an Expression of Your Soul?

Question: Rosine, how do you manage your spiritual life? Just curious to know because I have noticed that you have great practice for being happy. (Context: I said yoga bores me.)


That’s true, I am a deeply happy person! I think it comes from not separating my spiritual life from the rest of my life at all.

I meditate only when I feel I really need it. I talk to my spirit guides every day, asking them questions or giving them instructions about what I want, but only when I need their services for some specific reason. I also do energy work before each work session. However I don’t see it as a spiritual practice but as part of my job. Since my job is to talk to spirits, I need to have clean, balanced chakras, I need to be grounded and I need to be in energetic harmony enough to receive intuitive information. I see it as my professional responsibility to make sure that is the case.

Basically, I don’t do anything “spiritual” just for the sake of it.

My spiritual life is my entire life, everything I do every day. I believe that everything is spiritual, everything we do, think, feel or say, including brushing our teeth, having sex or peeing.

I learned many things from practicing Soul Realignment, and one of them is that our choices shape our soul. Every single choice you make in your life IS spiritual, not only because it has consequences for you and those around you and the world at large, but also because this choice gets written into your soul.

We are whole beings. Your physical body, emotions, thoughts and soul, in truth is all the same. There is no separation between being a spiritual being and living a human life. And everything you do in this life shapes your soul. And then the other way around, the way your soul is determines how you are as a human, how you feel and behave and what experiences you attract into your human reality.

It is part of my work to help people understand how past choices still influence them to this day. For example, imagine the following:

A young man wants to be a healer. His mother thinks that is too risky and pushes him to become a salesman. He sure is afraid of not being able to make it as a healer, and he’s not sure he is able to, but that is what he would really love to do.

Now he could stand his ground, risk pissing his mother off, face his fears and doubts, and become a healer. But instead he gives in to his fears and doubts, avoids the conflict with his mom, promises to do what she wants, and spends his life selling stuff.

Not only does this make him unhappy – what’s way more dramatic is that his decision leads to a pattern of self-doubt and obedience written in his very soul, that causes him to always doubt himself and do what others want, sabotaging him for his entire life – and the lifetimes after that.

You see, all of your choices add their energy to your soul and these energies manifest into your life. So if your choices don’t serve you or don’t authentically express who you are, they will profoundly block you on your path. Some of my clients come to me to have stuff cleared that has been making them unhappy for fifty lifetimes!

Every time you make choices that do not align with who you are at soul-level, you go against your spiritual nature. Every time you allow your human life to be more than very temporarily dissatisfying, you also sabotage yourself at the spiritual level. Separating the two is impossible.

I have nothing against yoga, meditation or chanting mantras. If it helps you, if it makes you feel good, by all means do it. Just make sure that your most mundane life circumstances reflect who you truly are in your core and soul, and that the choices you make every day are in alignment with your spiritual path.

That is way more important than any yoga or meditation. No amount of yoga or meditation will make you feel better if at the same time you allow your everyday choices to betray, disrespect or harm you.

That’s like, sometimes people ask me how to avoid having other people drain their energy. They expect me to tell them about shielding techniques, visualizations and other spiritual stuff. I sure can share those. But the truth is that the best way to avoid having other people drain your energy is to very third-dimensionally say “no” and “fuck you” to them for a change. That IS a spiritual thing to do, and it will have repercussions on your soul (and life circumstances). Just like letting others treat you like a doormat also is a spiritual choice that will have (negative) consequences on your soul, no matter how much you shield, visualize or meditate.

I am not happy because of my spiritual life, I am happy because I make sure that my entire life is my spiritual life. I am happy because I do and say what I feel is a genuine reflection of who I am and don’t give a shit what others think about it.

When you look at it that way, what would change in your life if you considered ALL of your life as your spiritual life, and ALL of your choices as an expression of your soul?

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8 Responses to Is the Way You Pee an Expression of Your Soul?

  • Andrew says:

    I agree, if you have a seperation between your spiritual life and your real life… well, what part of “oneness” did you not understand??? :p

    Love & Snuggles


    • It is a common belief that “spirituality” is kinda “better” than mundane life and body functions, and the “higher” chakras more valuable than the “lower” ones… So that leads to separation, where people live one way and then switch to a completely different mode when doing spiritual things. It also leads to people staying in miserable life circumstances because all those mundane things “don’t really matter”. I disagree, I think they DO matter a lot, because they do shape our soul.

      Love to you too! :)

  • Shy says:

    dear rosine, u r so correct. Happiness is free, happiness is the water of life and the free gift from the universe, it does not have to be bought, sacrified for, or derived …. it can only come from being true to yourself …. thank u for being brave enough to help us all remember who we are

    • Thank you Shy. :)

      The more I grow in life, the more I realize how very, very important it is to be true to oneself. That is soooo fundamental. (Which also means, in touch with oneself!)



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