Soul Groups: Are You a Starseed?

In Soul Realignment as well as in some other spiritual healing traditions we work with the concept of soul groups of origination.

Your soul group depends on where your soul first incarnated, or to be more precise, it tells you which place of incarnation currently has the biggest influence on you. This specific environment you lived in many times partly shapes your personality, your strengths, your challenges and your soul purpose in this lifetime. Usually we have one soul group of origination, sometimes two when two places played a determining part in our soul’s evolution.

Some people on Earth are Earther Souls, which means that they are natives. They have always incarnated on Earth – or they have incarnated on Earth so many times that Planet Earth is their major influence. Some other souls do not originally come from this planet. They first incarnated somewhere else (another planet or galaxy, another universe, another dimension…) and then came to Earth. Those are commonly called Star Travelers or Starseeds.

I have heard that the ratio here on Earth is 95% Earther Souls and 5% Starseeds, but I only ever see Starseeds both in my practice and among my friends, so maybe it’s more than that.

Star Trek Reloaded

This soul group stuff is very much sci-fi. Some Star Travelers came to Earth on physical spacecrafts. Some had their whole civilization destroyed and were enslaved and brought to Earth by force. Some traveled through non-physical portalways, basically they beamed themselves to Earth. Some of us lived in water worlds or without a dense physical body before becoming human. There are angels running around here, too, and people who come from other dimensions or universes.

When I first heard about all this, I was psyched! It totally turns some people off. Others love the idea of being aliens.

Is it Really True?

The concept of “really true” makes very little sense to me. My experience so far is that whatever I believe to be true becomes true in my world.

Soul Realignment, including the concept of soul groups, is a frame of reference. A frame of reference is a set of definitions and rules. We don’t communicate with the non-physical world through language. Language only focuses our energy. What we get is information energy. Then we need to translate this energy into human language. To do so, a clear frame of reference helps a lot.

Instead of telling me “This client has this kind of personality, problems and strengths, and this is why she is on Earth” my guides simply say “She’s a Hadarian”. I get just one word and can talk for twenty minutes with my client about what it means about them.

It’s the same with the blocks and restrictions I clear away. They don’t tell me “This client has an unhealthy energetic connection to this other person, where she is permanently giving her energy away to that other person even when she does not consciously communicate with that person, in a way that is inappropriate and does not do her any good, because at some point she felt so sorry for that other person and thought they could use some help, and this wish to help was so strong that they allowed this draining energetic connection to be permanently established between the two of them”. They simply say “There is a compassionate connection to X”. And whoops, I know what it means, and I clear it away, and I know exactly what I am clearing away. To do clearing work, consciousness is required, which means precision.

So the soul groups are one way of giving me a lot of information on a client in a fast, precise, effective way. Is it also true? Were you really beamed down from a spaceship in some past life? I don’t know. I believe so. Who cares. I don’t measure the validity of a frame of reference by its objective truth, but by its effectiveness at helping people, bringing them insights and creating healing for them.

Also, my intention is to get the information that will most serve my clients. I don’t always get information about a client’s soul group, so when I do, I trust it will serve my client to know about it. As a general rule, you get to hear what you most need to hear at that time, not necessarily what is objectively, absolutely true. (Is there such a thing?)

How Can it Serve You to Know Your Soul Group?

I have found that my clients usually resonate strongly with their soul group. It explains so much about them. It helps them to understand, love and accept themselves, go their own path at their own pace, and handle themselves in a more effective and caring way.

Your soul group can explain a whole lot about you. Why you are the way you are, where you come from, what you are here on Earth for, who you are at soul-level, what some of your soul-level gifts are, what your purpose is, basically, it answers a lot of “Who am I?” questions.

It might also explain, depending on what your soul group is, why you feel like you are “different”, why you have a hard time fitting in, or why the world seems so rough to you, or why you tend to feel lonely, or disempowered, or disconnected from others, or why you struggle in your love relationships, or why you are such a messy scanner, or why you are so extremely motivated to improve and develop yourself.

My own soul group explains a LOT about me, from my strong drive to find my “mission” on Earth to the core of what motivates me in life to the dark experiences in my past to the way my family is.

There are a lot more factors at soul-level that explain who and how you are, but your soul group is, in many cases, an important piece of the puzzle.

It can also explain why you are so attracted to some people sometimes. People who belong to the same soul group tend not only to share certain common characteristics, but also to feel a very special, irrational affinity to other members of the same group. It’s like recognizing someone from your home town somewhere else.

Last but not least, it explains why some people do great in relationships together and why some others are rather incompatible. :-)

What’s Your Soul Group?

You are here reading this, so you are very probably an alien, a Star Traveler who comes from another planet. Which Starseed are you? Care to share and maybe find others who belong to the same soul group? Leave a comment!

Aside from a few exceptions here and there, I tend to attract only three or four soul groups in my practice. In my next posts, I will share what those are and what I found out about them.

[Edit]WARNING: I have moved away from this type of readings and do not work with the concept of soul groups anymore. I still think it can be totally valuable for some people though. :) It’s just that I want to focus solely on doing healing work, no intuitive reading work anymore.

If you are interested in finding out what soul group you belong to, I warmly recommend my colleague Peter Huetz. His soul profile readings are the most detailed and comprehensive ones I know of. They include soul groups, among many other useful details about your soul. You can check out his readings here.

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28 Responses to Soul Groups: Are You a Starseed?

  • Lucia says:

    Wow, so all the magic happens in the “whoops” :)

    “They simply say “There is a compassionate connection to X”. And whoops, I know what it means, and I clear it away, and I know exactly what I am clearing away.”

    Can you learn the “whoops,” or is that something you just have or don’t have?

    Your guides’ wording in and of itself is so much more compassionate and kind than the lengthy description you gave, which is what we usually get from people, especially those in PD.

    It’s much easier to hear and understand and accept that you have a “compassionate connection,” which is probably more accurate, than to have someone who doesn’t value compassion or love at all talking down to you, almost as if they are frustrated or angry at you, because you are not taking care of yourself.

    • Sorry for the misunderstanding. The knowing happens in the “whoops”. They say “There is a compassionate connection to X” and whoops, I know what it means (the whole ugly lengthy definition). That’s why a frame of reference comes in so handy.

      The clearing part does not happen automatically in the “whoops”. That takes a bit more time and consciousness. (But it’s also pretty fast and easy).

      And it is not something you have or don’t have. You can learn it just as well. :)

  • Morgan says:

    I’m just posting to ask which starseed Rosine thinks I am and if that resonates with me.

  • Brandi says:

    Whoa! Fun article! I’ve heard the term ‘Starseed’ before, but those who mentioned it seemed very arrogant about it, as if to say “I was an alien…so much more advanced than a simple human. This race has much to learn from me.” :S Of course, this is ridiculous so I found no use in finding out if I’m a starseed. But now, I’m curious. Are starseeds a subcategory of soul groups? Like: Soul groups-> Starseeds-> Pleiadian…Soul groups-> Earthers-> Wizards..etc. ?

    Though I was turned off for learning more about starseeds, I’ve always been curious about my soul group. In my very 1st intuitive reading I asked what mine was. He told me he doesn’t specialize in this area, and I completely understood, so I’d still like to know!! :)

    There are so many different names for this- soul group, soul type, soul family, soul identity, soul whatever. Some descriptions are based on an archetypal system (the priests, the wizards etc.), others an elemental system (fire, water, etc), or aura colors (indigos, yellows, etc.) Is there a difference between soul group and soul type? If so, which system is accurate for determining this? I’ve studied many, and they all seem to put their own spin on things. This leaves me with lots of info but no real clarity about which soul group I belong to.

    Any thoughts? :)

    • Many thoughts. :)

      Different intuitives work with different frames of reference, use different technical terms, sometimes even using the same words to describe different things (like “soul”, “open chakra” or “entity attachment”), so you need to know what they mean exactly when they talk. In doubt, ask them.

      I think there is no “one truth” so I don’t think one frame of reference is better, more true, more accurate or more right than the other. The question is more, do you resonate with it or not? Go inside and listen to your own inner wisdom.

      We all put our own spin on things. That’s normal, after all the information energy goes through *our* consciousness, *our* filters, etc. I also think you get to hear what you need to hear at that time, so if you feel drawn to a certain healer or psychic, with a certain frame of reference, and they tell you something, there is a good reason for that.

      About starseeds: I personally would not make “Earthers” and “Starseeds” the two subgroups of “soul Groups”. As I see it, there are lots (over 30) of different soul groups, like Earthers, Sirians, Hadarians, Mintakans, Blueprinters, etc. All of these groups have their own strengths and weaknesses, and none of these groups is any better or more advanced or smarter or wiser than the other. Starseeds have a lot to learn from Earthers as well.

  • Lena says:

    That’s a great summary on soul groups. I’m half way though my Soul Realignment course without ever learning what my own soul group is. I highly suspect I’m a Blueprint Deliverer. Besides being a useful frame of reference for giving someone a reading, it’s a fun one too. Can you imagine people asking each other what Soul Group they are, instead of Zodiac Sign? I mean really is it that much more far-fetched that our souls originated on different planets and that shaped our traits, than that position of some distant stars at the time of birth determined so much about ourselves? Or for example if you take a personality test, like Myers Briggs, you’ll get assigned to a group based on your personality traits and then you will be given more ideas about your personality and what types of situations it would be the best match for. You might not relate 100%, but it can be an incredibly useful practical tool. I believe that’s how soul group is, only it’s even more precise in my opinion because it’s not based on simple questions and answers, but instead on your energy. Anyhow, I love reading about starseeds and I’m greatly puzzled by these Earther souls, who are supposedly everywhere, but no one ever runs into them lol

    • They must be invisible. ;) But besides, there is a dozen other soul groups that I have never seen in my practice either!

      I agree, soul groups are an incredibly useful tool. It’s not necessary to over-identify with our soul group, after all it’s just one among many factors that make us who we are. But yes, it is very useful.

      I LOVE to know about other people’s soul group. :)

  • Sandra says:

    You already know mine : Polarean with a Mintakan undertone. At least according to you :D

    It makes absolute sense to me, although I’m not sure (still) if I believe in it. And that’s why I love you so much Rosine… it doesn’t matter if you don’t belief, as long as it works for you.

    And that I can attest to, that it definitely works!

  • Mary O'Grady says:

    I am Starseed Hadarian Raphaelite Original Christian. I posted similar in the wrong spot under money question. I wish I could understand my Soul Realignment but the nice lady who did it for me has an accent. 5.3 would be good for a Human-Hadarian right?

  • Autumn says:

    I would like to know what my soul group is but I’m not sure how to find out. I was told by a psychic that I’m a lightworker, I didn’t have karma to make up but I chose to come to earth to help people, be ceative, have teamwork, partenship, and to be successful. I don’t feel like I’m from Earth, I feel intense loneliness here and I don’t fit it. If it helps my aura is violet…not sure if that determines what soul group someone is in. Does anyone know what soul group I might be in?

  • Brandi says:

    I found out thru Rosine. I don’t know if she’s giving readings again though. If not, you can google ‘soul group’ and ‘intuitive reading’ and see what comes up. :)

  • Lena says:

    For those wanting to find out their soul group, I do suggest a Soul Realignment reading. That way, you also get information that pertains specifically to YOU. Plus, of course there is a lot more to your soul and clearing that helps for you to step into your soul identity more fully. I offer readings and you can find out more on my blog. But also, there is a list of practitioners over here: I can’t recommend anyone specific though, since I’ve only worked with Andrea and Rosine. Rosine is wonderful and well worth the wait, if she starts offering readings again here :)

  • Amy says:

    I am pretty sure I am a Hadarian. I never even thought about this really until last week when I had a past life regression. I was living on a star planet and the theme of it was Love & Light. From what I have read and my guides confirming, that’s the star I am from. It really helps to connect the dots , so to say….

    I would love to meet other Hadarians and compare similarities. Also, it would be amazing if they had any knowledge of their life on Hadar. I did recall a lot from my regression. If anyone reading this IS from Hadar, and wants to share stories, please contact me on my FB page.

    Thanks and Many blessings, Amy

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