Does Wanting a World Without Money Mean Wanting to Run Away from Reality?

After I published my last blog post, where I said I find money unnecessary, someone wrote to me that someone else said that wanting to live in a moneyless world means wanting to escape reality. I am feeling inspired to reply to this one. I disagree.

I Have a Dream

I find it silly to claim that just because you don’t like reality as it is and want to change it, you are trying to run away from it.

When Martin Luther King had a dream, was he trying to escape the reality of his time?

When some women decided that traditional gender roles were unnecessary and let go of them, were they trying to run from reality?

Before the abolition of slavery, when some people had visions about black people being free and equal to the white ones in value and rights, what were they trying to run away from?

How about the GPL, open source coding and free software, is that to escape reality?


Why do I have to accept things as they are now, just because they are this way now?

Things are the way they are now because of choices we made in the past, individually and collectively. We can make new choices. We have free will. We can create something new, that we happen to like better!

I find it extremely limiting to believe that I have to put up with things as they are now and that I cannot change anything or else I’d be running away from what is. If I prefer a short haircut, do I run away from having long hair?

We are fabulous creators. We even incarnated here on Earth specifically to experience our creative power! That’s not to remain stuck forever in whatever reality we landed in. If we always had to stay in the societal conditions we currently are in, we would never have abolished slavery, burned bras or invented planes.

That’s like telling Leonardo da Vinci “What?! You want to fly in the air? You’re just afraid of dealing with walking! Using roads makes you uncomfortable, huh? Humans don’t fly. You’re trying to escape reality!”.

Wanting to change what is and create something new means using our free will, power of choice, and creative genius. This is true at the individual level and it is just as true at the collective level.

It Won’t Be Any Easier

I don’t see how getting rid of money would make things easier in any way. Nor how it would allow me to avoid facing whatever challenges I might encounter. Removing money won’t prevent me from being confronted with difficult, scary, uncomfortable or challenging situations.

When we take money out of the equation, it’s not like all of the sudden the Earth will be transformed into the original paradise and honey will flow from the trees right into our mouth. We need to be realistic here. Just because we use no money doesn’t mean other people will be our slaves and do for us everything we want. It’s not like resources will magically appear out of nowhere to serve us. It’s not like we will always get all of our wishes fulfilled.

The law of resonance will still apply. The energies present in us, individually and collectively, will attract corresponding experiences into our lives. If there are energies of lack and scarcity activated within us, we’ll get into trouble, won’t have enough of what we need, won’t meet the people who could have helped us, etc. If there are energies of chaos, we won’t be able to organize ourselves and it will be a big mess. If there are energies of aggressiveness and fear, we will fight over bananas just like we fight over money now.

We will still need to be a vibrational match for our desires if we want to reach our goals, money or not. Even more so without money, in my opinion. When no fear and financial pressure forces anybody to give anything to me, I have to be a really good vibrational match for what I want to get it!

To do unconditional work, we will first need to find out who we are, what we want to do, and be at peace with ourselves enough to do it. Often “I cannot do it because it won’t make me any money” is just an excuse for “I am not in touch and at peace with myself enough to know what I want to do and to be open to really do it”. Without money, this specific excuse falls flat, but we will still struggle with self-knowledge and self-acceptance (and find other excuses). This won’t magically disappear just because there’s no money involved.

We will still have tough choices to make, as individuals and as societies. What kind of resources will we use? Sustainable, renewable ones, or those that are scarce and destroy the environment? How will we get organized? How respectful of other people will we be? Will I do the work that my parents want me to do, or what I really want to do? Will I do what I can do here and live with my girlfriend, or move far away to do what I really love? Parents will still be parents and have expectations for their children. Not everything will be available everywhere. Some people will seek only their own profit, money or not. Some will give in to fear, aggressiveness and scarcity. Removing money won’t transform us instantly into angels. There will still be plenty of growth opportunities!

It really doesn’t matter whether we use money or not in that respect. To manifest what we want, we will still need to be a vibrational match for it. We will still need to face our inner demons, to let go of what’s not us, to learn our lessons, to take action, to make choices, to be confronted with difficult, unpleasant feelings and situations, and to grow. We will still need to get along with each other and organize ourselves as a society in a way that’s fair, effective and peaceful.

Sounds pretty darn real to me, and not like the easy way out.

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4 Responses to Does Wanting a World Without Money Mean Wanting to Run Away from Reality?

  • Jack Christopher says:

    Creating a reality you want–*in all aspects*–is the point of conscious living! How’s it “scarcity” thinking?

    The concepts/words “abundance and “scarcity” need definition. That’s what confusing. I even use conflicting definitions depending on context. We’ll stay confused otherwise. Rose, and others, how do you define them?

  • Mary O'Grady says:

    I am in process of having this reading here at a Holistic center of healing with Lena. I had first part and she said I am Hadarion. I read what you say and it fits although I ave grown beyond some of it I have many many traits with me still and fight not to be victimized because it can be so subtle when it rears it’s head. I love so deeply it is hard to live here at all. I found art very young but now I feel disconnected from it since my wrist is full of arthritis from an injury and I am now 55. So it means I am starseed too? She will finish my reading this week when I pay the rest. Please may I ask you questions sometimes? I am determined to go to the fifth dimension soon. My soul came out 5.3 what do you say about this? Should it be higher since I am Hadarion? Or is it my soul’s number plus human embodiment together? Thanks your information and attitude is beautiful.

  • Brandi says:

    Rose, thanks for this response!!! Some people can only see 2 cms in front of them, while others, can see 2 meters or more. Your money-less society is the equiv. of 2 meters and beyond. If someone says “Can’t be done” then that’s all the more reason why it NEEDS to be done because no one rejects small ideas that won’t improve humanity. People only reject the big ideas that could revolutionize the world.

  • Spooney says:

    This is my opinion about money. The truth of reality is that we do not need money at all. It is only a control system that needs to be abolished so that everyone on the planet can live to their highest potential. Our Governments have become corrupt because of money. We kill each other over money. This is not escaping reality, but really being aware of what needs to be changed in our system for the benefit of humanity.

    Money itself is an illusion and is being printed out of thin air. I am happy to see people starting to wake up and protest against the Federal Reserve Banking system. I have to go now. Sorry it was short but I will write more later.


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