How To Attract the Right Kind of People Into Your Life


This one is for Raymond with Love


For this article, my plan was to come up with a whole list of tips on how to attract the right kind of people into your life.

But now that I’m sitting here writing, it is clear to me that there’s only one thing that really matters. If you want to find the right people for you and have great relationships with them, it all boils down to this:


Heal yourself.

Love yourself.

Be at peace with yourself.

Feel great about yourself.


Then everything else takes care of itself.

Your relationships with other people are a reflection of your relationship with yourself. Make your relationship with yourself right, and the people in your life will be right.


If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.

— Louise Hay


Self-Love is the Key to Attracting the Right People Into Your Life


When you really love yourself, accept yourself as you are, and are at peace with who you are, it is much easier to attract the right people into your life. In fact it just happens naturally.

A few examples:


A Positive Mental Focus

Nothing in the world ever made me as happy as developing a great relationship with myself. It changes everything. It brightens every day and makes life just so much more enjoyable, wonderful and pleasant!

As a result, it is much easier to focus on the positive.

When you are such a happy person who is at peace and loves him- or herself so much, you easily notice everything you like in other people and easily let go of what you dislike about them.

What you like, nourished by your giving attention to it, grows and becomes more until you are surrounded by people you love pretty much everything about. :)


Authentic Choices

When you are at peace with who you are, you make choices that are authentic and reflect who you really are, no matter what other people think about them.

People who are then attracted to you are people who are right for you because they love the way you really are.


Healthy Energy Management

When you love yourself, you protect yourself and take good care of yourself. This includes upholding healthy boundaries and managing your energy in a way that is respectful towards yourself.

One consequence of this is that you don’t attract abusers, chronic victims, toxic people or other energy vampires anymore.



You feel so good about yourself that you gain self-confidence and let go of negative, limiting beliefs about who could possibly love you and who would want to engage with you.

This opens the door for new, wonderful experiences, and more people in your life who live up to your standards.


A Big Positive Shift in Your Energetic Signature

On your path to creating such an awesome state of unconditional self-love and inner peace, you have to heal a lot of old painful stuff, get rid of burdensome baggage and let go of all kinds of negative energies that aren’t who you really are and don’t serve you anymore.

This healing process creates a huge change in your energetic signature. Your energy progressively shifts over time and becomes a lot more positive.

You also feel inspired to take better care of yourself, including physically. Your physical energy becomes more positive too, and so does your overall energy.

Because of this change in your energy, you start attracting more positive experiences into your life, including people who are a better match for you and whom you really have fun with!


More Love, Less Fear

When you heal your connection to yourself you also feel more connected to God / the Universe / Source and everything and everyone else, because in truth, it is all the same thing.

You feel safe and it is easy for you to let go of the fears that are blocking you in the area of relationships.

You open up to closer, deeper, more meaningful connections. Then those people who are right for you are able to show up in your life and share these connections with you.


It’s All About You


Attracting the right kind of people into your life is not about how to attract people.

It’s not about other people, either.

It’s all about you, you, and you, and your path right now.

If you are unhappy with your relationships or with the kind of people you are currently attracting into your life, you are now facing a challenge.

The purpose of this challenge is for you to heal and grow and step more into who you really are.

This is a call from your soul.

It’s not about other people. You don’t even need to think about attracting the right people.

You just need to grow more into the person you are meant to be.

Heal your wounds, make peace with yourself, learn to truly love yourself, and the right people will show up.



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14 Responses to How To Attract the Right Kind of People Into Your Life

  • Gaurang says:

    Hi Rosine,

    Good article. I am assuming this is first part of at least 2 parts. This article focuses on importance of self-love and gives inspiration to be self-loving and be at peace with one self. It would be great if another article covers how to do that, how it affected your life (before and after scenario), what helped and helps you to be more self loving.

    Starting with inspiring readers to do something and covering practical steps to apply in life (if possible along with personal experiences) would make the article much more valuable.

    When I read something I tend to think how can I apply this in life. So my suggestion comes from this approach.


    • Hi Gaurang,

      Self-love is such a huge topic, I cannot possibly cover it in one article. But I’m planning to write (and talk) a lot more about it in the coming months. :)



  • Anna says:

    I want to add: Interact with people! It seems obvious – but many people forget that they have to actually meet people in order to attract the right kind.

  • Debie says:

    Hi Rosine
    As always a great article! You are so right, and once you find your way to self love, self forgiveness and peace, there is no going back – although there is maintenance! I’ve learned that myself. But reading articles like this is another reminder of how to stay in the positive and try to remain there to keep the peace and serenity within. Can’t wait to see the new website
    Debs :)

  • Iyad says:

    Thank you for this reminder. sometimes there is lots of rubbish happening in my life to the point to allow my self to forget about the basic important reason to be happy in life. I really needed it! Thank you lots.


  • Sophia says:

    I also found that the better I understood myself, the easier it was to find people like me. If I didn’t know who I was, how could I know who was like me? And also if you don’t know who you are, you tend to do things that are not in alignment with yourself, and there you will *find* people who are not in alignment with yourself.

    That said, I totally agree with the precept of the article. When I was in conflict with myself, I found people who supported my sense of shame and self-hate. Then when I changed things, my life changed around me.


  • Michelle Garcia says:

    I recently happened across your website and really appreciate your ideas and perspective. I am now a fan, Rosine! I share in the understanding my lifetime experience is for self-healing and self loving to create a more loving world. May I ask what are your thoughts on attracting same types of experiences, or types of people? I would love to know your insight. Warmth & Blessings, Michelle

  • Ruth says:

    So true!

    There’s only one person that we have to spend our lives with… ourselves. So we might as well learn how to enjoy our own company.

    I love the simplicity and clarity of your articles. Thanks for sharing.

  • The outer world is a reflection of our inner state! Gaurang above commented with a question about practical steps that can be taken to achieve a state of self-love. One step I might recommend is to remove all sources of negativity from your life. This doesn’t have to be permanent, it can last only until you get to the point that you are ready to handle it. But a sort of detox period can be very helpful, where you remove yourself from negativity, whether that is from a toxic relationship with friends or family, whether it’s turning off the TV, or hiding certain Facebook friends who have nothing to offer but complaints and anger. This can be temporary, or it could be permanent if you end up choosing that!

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